Another New Year

2013 is my 23rd new year. new beginning. fresh start.

call it what you will.

like many others, i make resolutions for myself. they’re fairly quiet – i don’t like to breathe them into life with words. it’s too public.

(i just don’t want the public shame of failing.)

but i do it, anyways, every year.

i tell myself that i will cook twice a week (because really, twice a week isn’t that often is it?)

i promise to exercise regularly, for nearly every day in a week (because life will only get busier, and what’s my excuse anyways?)

i will read more in my free time, and get caught up on my book reviews (because i love it, and there has to be something for me to do for fun)

i must stay caught up on school work, ideally a week ahead (because it’s either now or later, so it might as well get done now)

i need to spend more time with God, a given (because there is no such thing as too much in this area)

i parcel out hours in days, dedicating them to my tyrannical to-do lists and, thankfully, find myself exhausted come night time. (this is actually a good thing, as i’ve had issues sleeping properly my whole life. regular exercise and law school has been an answer to prayer in this regard.)

i am ambitious at best, obsessive at worst. i don’t mind.

because here’s the thing – i set goals. i will grow. i may not reach all of them, but i strive and work hard and i hope that one year later i can look back and call it a success. to know that i gave God and others my very best, and allowed Him to work in me.

that’s all i can hope for. and really, that’s all i need.


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