“it’s just not fair.”

my Bible reading for the day is Exodus 14. it’s a chapter i read a couple months back when I was going through the Pentateuch on my own, and i read it again for my daily #SheReadsTruth devotional (which is a fantastic resource by the way- i’ve been following their reading plans for months and i appreciate the short plans that change often, and delightful community)

it struck me today how this story (this historical account) of the Israelites escaping from Egypt is to my life-

this is what happens when i feel in my heart how unfair life is (to me).

perhaps you are like me (i hope there are some of you out there)

ever find yourself asking God, why?

i do. i have had some shockingly honest times with God, where i beg and plead and i even dare complain that it just isn’t fair. (do you need any other proof than this?)

just like those Israelites in Exodus, i grumble. i (selectively) forget the promises God has made to me, and that my God is a faithful God who keeps His word. He will not abandon me nor forget me. even when i forget Him.

but mostly, i forget that this isn’t about ME.

it’s about God and God’s glory. see verse 4 in chapter 14:

 “I have planned this in order to display my glory through Pharaoh and his whole army. After this the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord!”

could i stop for one minute and remember how this is truly important? skip ahead to the end of the chapter and you will find this miraculous account of the Israelites escaping through the sea. they are free!

and everyone was in awe of God’s power. if God had not led the Israelites through this difficult period of encampment (and waiting) and hardened Pharaoh’s heart, the story just wouldn’t have the same sort of impact. every last detail was there to give glory to God in the highest.

how often do i pray to God, isn’t this enough yet? can we move on already? why can’t you just FIX this? 

i feel abandoned (a lie)

i am weary (a truth)

but God has not left me here.


One thought on ““it’s just not fair.”

  1. You touch on a great point – we forget that ultimately it’s not about us! When I am whiney, or sad, or fed up it’s usually for selfish reasons! When I am truly living my life as a servant then I know all things are for the greater good. He is in control! Thanks for sharing!

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