2014 resolutions

i have to say that i secretly really like resolutions, particularly for a new year.

i know, i know. it seems like everyone and their mother hates resolutions now and instead of resolutions we get lists on why we shouldn’t make traditional resolutions.

but i still like them.

i know that i’m a constant work in progress- i’ll never really be finished, and life is a journey. but a new year just feels so crisp and clean to me. i like lists because they make sense to me.

my friend Laura wrote her new year post over at This Blog is Epic, and she shared One Word 365. i like that idea of having one word to define my year, but i still like the idea of a list.

so i have my own list of resolutions – but i want them to be united with one word for 2014. and that word is,


i sort of stumbled upon that word while i was reading about the idea behind One Word.

because i’m a person who always has big IDEAS and PLANS. i confess that i’m not nearly as good at following through on those ideas and plans. and a lot of the resolutions on my list aren’t new, but they’re slight changes and progressions i’d like to see over the next year.

so without further ado, my resolutions for the new year:

why? over the past few years i’ve been paying much closer attention to my finances and (lack of) budgeting skills. i like this challenge because it’s realistic and doable for me, and this challenge specifically focuses on the idea of committing to saving money each week. in the past, i’ve tried to save money by stashing away a large chunk of change in the summer when i’m working, but somehow it always ends up soon gone (oops). this challenge lets me grow into the idea of sacrifice, starting small and ending up big, and requires me to commit to it each week.

a few years ago i finally got into the habit of reading my Bible every day (or nearly every day) when i began using She Reads Truth. i’m so glad that i’ve stuck with that habit and made that effort over these past few years. and now i’d like to add on to this by committing to daily prayer time specifically – i’ve done this on and off, but never daily for a long period of time (as in no more than a couple months).

  • set up a cleaning schedule

i’m not a neat person. i’m typically very organized, but not so neat. i need to figure out a schedule that works for me so that i don’t end up with a disaster on my hands by the time exams creep on me. because i’ve realized that clutter makes me feel mentally and emotionally anxious.

  • fitness goals

i have quite a few i’m mulling over here. trying to figure out exactly what i hope to accomplish this year. i’ve been working out consistently for a couple years now, but i want to up my game. for the first three months of 2014, i’ll be taking a yoga class (which i’ve missed because now i’m achy and sore all. the. time). i’m going to continue with my strength training and running – and honestly? i’d love to do a half-marathon this year. but even if i don’t, i’m angling for a 10 mile race. i’m also kicking off the year with the #LoveYourBody fitness challenge from Tone It Up. mainly? i just need to commit to taking a good, hard look at my food habits.

happy new year!


One thought on “2014 resolutions

  1. I love your word! My issue with resolutions tends to be that when I set specific goals, I don’t meet them, and then by March I’m disheartened and have given up entirely. I figured if I set a goal to value myself and my time, the rest of the things should just intrinsically fall into place… we’ll see how it goes 🙂

    Great choice 😉

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