community & freedom

the past year (or two..) i’ve become increasingly aware of what community is and what it is not. it’s odd, but the further you drift away from it the more aware of it you are it seems. i can’t pinpoint the exact time when i realized this, but i now see how desperately lonely i […]

“it’s just not fair.”

my Bible reading for the day is Exodus 14. it’s a chapter i read a couple months back when I was going through the Pentateuch on my own, and i read it again for my daily #SheReadsTruth devotional (which is a fantastic resource by the way- i’ve been following their reading plans for months and […]

Another New Year

2013 is my 23rd new year. new beginning. fresh start. call it what you will. like many others, i make resolutions for myself. they’re fairly quiet – i don’t like to breathe them into life with words. it’s too public. (i just don’t want the public shame of failing.) but i do it, anyways, every […]