when people are more than the means to my end

yesterday i found a new crack in my heart. i think i already knew it was there, but i was too afraid to check. but yesterday my fingers wandered just a little too close… and they found where my heart had splintered in yet another place. and so they prodded deeper, because curiousity will always […]

2014 resolutions

i have to say that i secretly really like resolutions, particularly for a new year. i know, i know. it seems like everyone and their mother hates resolutions now and instead of resolutions we get lists on why we shouldn’t make traditional resolutions. but i still like them. i know that i’m a constant work […]

Clarity on Clarity

i’m a researcher. i’m a master at internet search engines, i have my own personal library, and i enjoy reading article after article. (this is pretty much inevitable for someone who got her first degree in the social sciences, and is currently working on a law degree. researching = my bff.)  it’s helpful, mostly. i […]

something no one ever told me

sometimes, dreams change. it seems like we spend our entire lives dreaming big and dreaming impossible, and the sky isn’t even the limit anymore. i think that’s true. i don’t think that’s a bad thing. i grew up in a home where independence was encouraged, and intelligence was idolized. i can’t tell you how many times […]

meaningful choices

i’ve been running into this idea of “meaningful choices” a lot lately. it’s one of those uncomfortable thoughts – it doesn’t fit with how i want to categorize things, and it requires me to think outside my box a little bit. but i’ve realized how important it is, and how much of a difference it […]

fear to make your heart POUND

if law school has taught me one thing so far, it’s that i’m terribly afraid. i’m not exaggerating – it’s at the point where it’s basically crippling. it’s funny (as in bizarre) how hard it is to let words roll off you. i started law school being told by a member of the school’s alumni […]

things i’ve learned as an “adult”

i had a dear, dear friend (and cousin) mention to me how much she’s seen me grow and change in the past year or so. this past year has been big. i have been stretched further than i ever imagined possible only to shrink smaller than ever before. it’s incredible how that changes your attitude, […]

community & freedom

the past year (or two..) i’ve become increasingly aware of what community is and what it is not. it’s odd, but the further you drift away from it the more aware of it you are it seems. i can’t pinpoint the exact time when i realized this, but i now see how desperately lonely i […]

“it’s just not fair.”

my Bible reading for the day is Exodus 14. it’s a chapter i read a couple months back when I was going through the Pentateuch on my own, and i read it again for my daily #SheReadsTruth devotional (which is a fantastic resource by the way- i’ve been following their reading plans for months and […]

Another New Year

2013 is my 23rd new year. new beginning. fresh start. call it what you will. like many others, i make resolutions for myself. they’re fairly quiet – i don’t like to breathe them into life with words. it’s too public. (i just don’t want the public shame of failing.) but i do it, anyways, every […]