a note to a stranger

(if you haven’t realized before how creepy i can be at times, this will prove it.) i’m a people-watcher. you can blame my gramma for that one. i completely blame her for this habit. just know this, if we’re sitting across from each other on the subway, i am FASCINATED by you. dear stranger, i […]

a bitter heart

you know those deep, dark little secrets you hide away buried deep within your heart? you can admit it. i have them, too. they’re a burden we force ourselves to carry, all alone. ashamed & lonely, if you are like this then know that i am too. but i’ll tell you mine. because this, friends, […]

may God give me…

blessed am i among women. i am blessed beyond all measure – but has that ever stopped me from wanting more? from wanting what i do not have? i used to some times wonder if there was something wrong with me, something desperately broken inside of me. (two parents diagnosed with bipolar disorder will do […]

Tiny Hands

there are times when life gets busy. i feel overwhelmed by the piles of laundry i have to do (because i’m out of socks, and don’t feel like running without sucks. i like my feet blister-free, thank you very much). the amount of reading in my textbooks is daunting. i should go for a run […]