The Blessing of Weakness

This week has been hard. It has left me wondering who & where to turn to. Scrambling for some sort of life preserver to hold me up just a little bit longer. And while I’m still struggling, and I’m sure I will be for a while longer… my eyes have been opened to something beautiful […]

Community isn’t about me

I read this post on community this morning. I’ve loved all of the posts from this series, but this one was so perfectly timed. There’s no way around it, this was God-timing. I needed to read this today. I haven’t wanted to admit it, but I have felt so terribly alone and isolated within a […]

Gentle Words & Mentors

at some point when i wasn’t paying attention, God changed something in me. i’m talking specifically here, about a burden He placed on my  heart when i was looking the other way. i don’t know when it happened, but my heart started breaking for teen girls. this would be a good thing seeing as i was a leader at […]

Lost in a Crowd

you know those moments when it all just HITS you? i mean, everything just hits you right smack in the face. like a basketball. a realization you never quite thought all the way through. you never quite realized the implications of what it meant for you & for your life. there are times when i […]