forgotten children

during this past American election, i had a few people remark to me that they were surprised how little i seemed to care about it. and how little i had to say on it.

the truth? i adore politics. it fascinates me, frustrates me, and makes me dream and wonder. it makes my heart beat faster. but i do my best to ignore American politics simply because it typically just makes me angry.

i can’t stand the misinformation (which always exists, but just seems worse when it comes to American politics). i can’t stand the hate (see above). it breaks my heart a little to see something so beautiful and blessed misused again and again.

but this year, i also did a good amount of personal soul-searching. i questioned myself and my beliefs, determined to stretch them even further. my values didn’t change, much. but it did help me to reflect on other issues.

i can’t tell you how many times i heard abortion brought up in a conversation these past few months. and ask those closest to me, who have patiently sat through my rants, but i’m truly about as pro-life as you get. please don’t confuse this with “anti-choice” or anti-women’s rights. it’s not the same. there’s a hierarchy of priorities and i’m also extremely passionate about women’s rights but life just wins out for me.

i’m not ashamed of what i believe. i’m not afraid to be open about it and share.

and i am so glad to see others willing to do the same- i think open discussion is good and beneficial. (i really don’t believe in censorship, but that’s another matter altogether.)

but lately i’ve been wondering how lost we are. how lost i am.

we cry out (loudly) against abortion. we weep and become bitter when we lose and worry about our future. (again, another matter here.)

and do not doubt for a minute that my heart isn’t breaking for those unborn babies who seem so forgotten in times like these.

but oh Church – beautiful bride of Christ – how often do we forget those OTHER forgotten children?

thousands of orphans in the world and we buy coffee daily. we spend too much on Christmas and must have a house and must have a pet to love and must have some nice clothes and must have some good food and must have books (oh, i’m so ashamed of my excess here). we must have lovely buildings to attend church services in, and we must have new boots for fall and we must have hair dye. and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

all of this in a world of hungry orphans. children, hungry for food. hungry for a home. hungry for parents and hungry for love. we fill a shoebox once a year and send it off, patting ourselves on the back for a job well done.

we bemoan spending more than $5 on said shoebox. because don’t we need that $5 for ourselves?

we cry out for the oppressed unborn children. we turn out backs on those born children, living worlds away from us because we’re too comfortable.

how can anyone in the world expect to see Jesus in us when this is how we act? we don’t set ourselves apart. we are selfish and proud and willfully ignorant. we don’t do our part. no wonder we aren’t listened to in the political arena. we fail to live it out in our day-to-day lives. we think all we have to give is a vote for a man who says he doesn’t support abortion. but we can’t sacrifice anything for those children living and breathing every day with less in their entire lives than we have in a single day.

in this way, i’m guilty as charged my friends. i’ve been a hypocrite for too long.


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