a note to a stranger

(if you haven’t realized before how creepy i can be at times, this will prove it.)

i’m a people-watcher. you can blame my gramma for that one. i completely blame her for this habit.

just know this, if we’re sitting across from each other on the subway, i am FASCINATED by you.

dear stranger,

i am forever wondering what sort of day you’re having today;

i hope it’s a good one. i worry that you look a little sad.

i’m nosy and want to know what book it is you’re reading.

do you like it? would you rather you were doing something else right now?

i wonder if you know each and every little way you’re beautiful; try this out some time, and just take a look at all the different ways people are uniquely beautiful.

because your lashes are long and gorgeous, and you have shy eyes but i think it’s sweet and you have hands that look strong enough to lift someone else up when they’ve fallen down.

and your hair is perpetually a little bit messy at the back, like it’s always going to be a bit mussed up.

not like i pay too much attention or anything.

i wonder if people are busy; where are they rushing off to? are they as late as i am right now?

but you- you’re never in a hurry. you walk slow and steady and you look around, and the only time your eyes aren’t shy are when they’re on the other side of the room meeting mine.

you know, it’s kinda funny but you can learn a lot about a person just from watching. and not even in an odd way, because sometimes you show a lot more in public than you think you do.

did you know you kind of snore a little bit? just a tad. normally snoring drives me crazy, but you’re very quiet and it’s only if i’m sitting right by you that i can hear it and you look so peaceful and vulnerable at the time.


me (that creepy girl who is always staring at someone)


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