Tiny Hands

there are times when life gets busy. i feel overwhelmed by the piles of laundry i have to do (because i’m out of socks, and don’t feel like running without sucks. i like my feet blister-free, thank you very much). the amount of reading in my textbooks is daunting. i should go for a run – and do some yoga – i NEED this. and don’t forget to read from Philippians this morning.

and if i’m lucky, i’ll squeeze some food in there.

i have a close friend who has chosen this year to make Sunday her day of rest. no work. just living. can you even imagine that? i spent Sunday at church, at a potluck, at Costco, doing homework for hours, and laundry. where is the time for rest?

my God is good, He always provides for me. i may not have spent the whole day resting in God’s peace, but He did deliver.

instead, i found rest in tiny hands gripping mine at church, and toothy smiles as laughter bubbles forth. at lunch i found myself surrounded by friends and children, and i have to confess that there is very little i love more than children. they are such a blessing and a breath of fresh air.

i love the way they smile at silliness and play along, begging for more. their big, expectant eyes and long lashes and tiny hands to hold yours. they talk quickly and babble and half the time i have no idea what they’re saying but i can’t help but laugh.

you know how it feels when your stomach hurts from laughing so hard with good friends? my SOUL hurt like that yesterday. every inch of me felt joyful and free. for a few moments spent without burdening thoughts of what needs to be done.

i firmly believe that small blessings are the best.


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