Small Miracles

I’m one of those people that some times gets caught up in the impossibility of miracles. I think it’s because I tend to think of miracles as BIG miracles.

Like making the blind man see again- with just a touch.

The problem with this, though, is that it means I tend to miss out on those small miracles. The ones that I sinfully attribute to coincidence or something I’ve done.

How messed up is that?!

I’m not blind (praise the Lord for that – this is something I’ve been incredibly blessed with and all the more aware of as I drop burning liquid into my eyes and prepare for laser surgery this week in hopes of preventing the further progression of glaucoma at 21.) but God works in all sorts of ways in my life. Every day.

Blessings that may not sound so big, but can make a world of difference. For example:

Getting my class schedule for the year and realizing that I have one little class that doesn’t fit with my commuting times. One that would mean getting up at 5 a.m. and driving out of town just to catch a train for one little tutorial. And then it works out amazingly well that I can fit into a different tutorial that fits perfectly. Sure, it’s for convience’s sake but it’s a big different to me on those Friday mornings.

The way new old friends walk into my life at the same time I feel distant from others. Just when I’m beginning to feel lonely – I find my life bonded to another’s and they bless me again and again with their kind words and listening ears as they share my burdens with me. Can we ever thank God enough for the ways through which our hearts are woven together with other’s?

Or maybe it means doing something scary. Taking a risk, seeing past my pride and confessing to those I love that I need their help. After desperately struggling for what feels like ages, and at last caving into glorious steps of repentance and accountability, there is this feeling of weightlessness as the burden is lifted. And people respond in love, no harsh words and no scorn. And some go further as they share secret pieces of themselves and BAM instant friendship with someone you may not have imagined. Like defying gravity. And knowing that my Lord is pleased with me for this as He has set me free.

I want to be set free, newly born every day. Every single day.


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